For over 60 years St. Paul Catholic Church and St. Paul Parish School have been two pillars of the community, helping its members grow in their spirituality and educating children in the best tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.


Since its founding in 1956, St. Paul Catholic Church has evolved into a caring, loving, faith community focused on fulfilling God’s mission for us. We live His word in our devotion to Mass, our outreach programs, and through our dedication to grow spiritually in our relationship with God. We baptize our children into our faith, share with them the gospel, and continue to nurture their Catholic development through St. Paul Parish School—the only parish school in the Eugene/Springfield area, serving close to 300 students from 200 families. We owe our gratitude to the willingness of families before us who paid it forward in establishing St. Paul Catholic Church. Like them, we remain an active, welcoming community ready to sacrifice for the good of God’s people.

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Kelli Braud has been the Principal of St. Paul Parish School for 13 years. Following her tenure as a teacher in both the public school and private school sector, she found her calling in an administrative role at the St. Paul. With a strong belief in Catholic education, Kelli has built upon the foundation laid by those before her and has solidified St. Paul's identity as a top tier school in the Eugene/Springfield area. Along with the staff at the school, Kelli is dedicated to serving students spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically from the time they step on campus until they advance to the next phases of their lives.